People are easily tricked because it is hard for many not see the truth from illusion. This new world paradigm has steadily been developing without the average person being aware


As people become aware a massive pressure against non transparent government is developing; it is becoming an emotional force because people essentially feel their trust has been broken


An immoral and bankrupt financial system is at the heart of the issue; this system is pushing the world towards a war, and as such   war can break out in a number of places either through planned strategy or through miscalculation.


We appear to be at the last point to change our direction. A healthy direction will occur if individually and collectively we change our point of view and desire co prosperity and peace




It is difficult to find a solution to a problem if one does not clearly know the facts surrounding the problem; it is extremely difficult to find a solution if the facts are purposefully distorted.


So in to day’s world of easy access to extensive amounts of information, it is difficult, extremely difficult to sift through that massive information pile and determine what information is relevant, what information is distorted and what information in critical.  It is a simple reality what we see is not necessarily the truth of the situation.


Appreciating critical information requires critical thinking skills; and such critical thinking skills are not necessarily taught as part of today’s education system. Without these skills we may be doomed to react in a very dangerous manner.


Our perception of “truth” will determine our behavior, and therefore what we believe intuitively determines how we act; what we do. Thus our world is shaped; this is a simple fact.


So what do you see as the truth?


. truth1




Man has always perceived the “World” as a changing phenomena, the “Old World” was the term used to describe Europe while the “New World” was the term to describe the United States and the Americas.


After the Second World War the perception of Europe changed into a Union of Nations with in own government; a European Union. In the later part of the 20th Century we heard the coining of the word “New World Order”.


What is the source of change that causes a perceptional world view change?

It is the small changes in society, the small changes in technology, and the small changes in innovation that accumulate as massive changes.  Such massive changes have punctuated our world history, and have directed the course of both human achievement and human suffering 


We are still at an age where self styled “intelligentsia” are actively involved in shaping the world view. To think that is a conspiracy derived from the anxiety of an over active imagination, is stepping outside the course of known history. 


However, controlling history, trying to direct its course through subtle manipulation, is a very dangerous game.  It is dangerous because those omitted from the process feel the weight of the injustice when the hidden become obvious.  And as such, as a world we face a time that is potentially reminiscent in explosiveness to the 1848 year of revolutions.  Of course one way that powers deal with an organic revolution is to instigate a war; the major fear of our time.


Australia, our region and our world need a renaissance not a revolution. A revolution in thinking; a revolution based on a return to classical thinking; a return to humanism and what it means to be human. Not the darkness of austerity, financial dirigisme, manipulative markets and disenfranchised populations.


Meanwhile, the world is being splintered by a steady “balkanization’ or breaking up of national regions by military insurgency; insurgencies that appear at their heart to have a dark neo-colonialism of a financial nature.  Thus we had Libya, thus we have Syria now we have Ukraine.


Barricade on the rue Soufflot, an 1848 painting by Horace Vernet. The Panthéon is shown in the background.




To-day the masses of population stand in disillusion with the integrity of their respective hierarchical structures. The bond of trust has been broken.  The people by and large no longer believe nor have faith in their governing institutions.


Naturally a time of disillusion is also a time of realization, and that which will determined the shape of our world to come (in the near an immediate future) will be determined upon the way this realization spurs our cultures and our peoples to action. A time of broken trust is such a dangerous time; but also a time of great opportunity. The opportunity for positive, wholesome change is real and ever present.  But make no mistake serious judgment errors at such times lead to catastrophe!  




For too long has the mechanism of the   financial system conspired for its own interests and not worked in the interest of the common man.  To trace the history of international finance, to identify the fraud and malfeasance or to recognize how the complex layering of the system for its own purposes is to gain an unpleasant insight. Suffice to know that almost our entire world system of finance at its core does not work in the best interests of man.


It is an extrapolation of leverage to the highest level where the efforts of many are manipulated and their needs bypassed while the wants of a few are delivered. 


From manipulating the interest rates, to corrupt money laundering to the creation of debt as a tool of servitude; the system is an abusive cesspit. However, it is the only system many have ever known and thus most think it is the only method of resource and commerce management that exists.  Far from the fact, credit creation; the goal of the original developers of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia provides another mechanism. Nation building provides the use of this system, however it cause a repudiation of the current system and thus many reactionaries fight incessantly to prevent such a system from even being discussed. 




There are far too many potential flash points now, engineered for the greatest impact upon the world at large. These flash points naturally will harm the common man that come with names like the Senkaku Islands, the South China Sea, The Ukraine and Crimea, Syria, not the mention the fulminating tensions, undeclared civil wars and social disorder that in occurring in Somalia, Libya, Iraq and  numerous other locations.


The world does not operate in a geo-political vacuum.  International events are opportunities for various agendas; and the best intentions can be easily manipulated to achieve mans proclivity for malevolence.  First the devious develops the agreement, next one exploits the mechanism; but, however, true strategies for success are based on co-prosperity in peace.




As we concern itself with “the Pacific pivot” which in unveiled terms are preparations to afford rapid projection of force against China and “Trans Pacific Partnerships” which essentially is a robbing of the sovereignty of signatory nations and depletion of their remaining substance by the fallacy of free trade, we are close to crisis point.


We see in the as an objective of the Ukraine crises the “reconstruction” of a higher order being of a financial imperative, but for what purpose?


The more complex the plans the greater the potential for tremendous error; and the lager level of escalation


Now one see the “pieces” moving quickly and the changing shape of the military and its implications of devolvement into a World War; a war that commenced with the Libyan campaign


A “few good men” is all that is required to stem the flow to an inevitable conflagration.  With out the “few good men” it appears it will be open war before the economic collapse. Economic collapse was and always had been the real and present issue, and the war; the war is a distraction from the economic issues. The objective the maintenance of the status quo


However a true renaissance may be the paradigm change, which will be the blessing to this bewildered age.


There are always various options, the 1840’s year of revolutions ushered in the concept of the state having responsibility for the welfare of its citizens, an option perhaps that the reactionary forces did not initially anticipate.


From the Internet to the UN central control appears to be the principle that is currently being applied in major brush strokes; thus the potential for the need for the control of media, thus the potential for the need for the control over the internet.


The new paradigm of media is to support a new the new global village; we must ask why this “village”, through the mechanism of free trade, does such destruction?


No doubt plans are made years ahead, however those plans are dimensionally specific to ensure agendas are achieved and issues considered superfluous are not addressed; such as the free trade injustice. Within such the stench of the mentality of the “end justifying the means” is rife.


From the King James Version of the Bible in St Paul’s letter to the Romans we find … And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God…


Even when faced with potential for so much disaster in this world, still there is hope.  However to turn that hope into reality requires a very special kind of work


As a nation as regions and communities we need to move towards self-sufficiency


We need to be involved in deregulation of legislation that have imposed dangerous consequences on our people.


We need to enact legislation that protects our banking system by imposing a separation of the financially insolvent speculative debts from the banks that manage our accounts of our home owners, farmers, business people; a banking separation act.


We need to institute National Credit Creation schemes with a focus on nation building and establish new paradigms for economic measurement-


We need a renaissance in thinking, in statesmanship and in humanity before the tipping point has past.




In early 2013 the Cyprus bail in occurred as a result of the ongoing Cyprus financial crisis. The bail-in is, simply speaking is using the banks depositors to underwrite the losses of the bank. 


This process was not devised by Cyprus but imposed upon them as a condition for continued IMF loans. The construction of a bail-in model was created at the highest levels of the world financial mechanism. It had to be because it was clear that continued bail-out methods would eventually lead to unmanageable increases in inflation. 


The bail-out is the continued creation of money, such as was created by the Federal Reserve in the United States, the Central European Bank, the Central Bank of Japan and others.


Study the time line, on the 6th October 2011, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) published a template to identify globally import systemic banks - Australia was included in the “30 level one countries” – from table 3 “exposures to national financial systems.  Moving to the 2010-11 the Australian Government Annual Treasury Report one can clearly identify a tender item   where the Australian Treasury Department paid the Australian government Solicitor the price of $15,000 for advice on the legalities of a bail in mechanism for Australia (see table 7 of that Document)   In 2012, September, the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) releases the document “Strengthening APRA’s Crises Management Powers”. This document directly identifies bail-in as mechanism that can be applied to the Australian Banking system.  In November of 2012 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) identifies is its Financial Sector Assessment Program Update, that Australia confirms that bail in mechanism are “being explored” for Australian banks. Finally in January 2013, the Australian financial markets Association (AFMA) the private association for Australian Banks in a letter the Australian Treasury “welcomes the role of a bail-in tool for a resolution”


It appears the ducks are lined up; but of course why have such a preparation if there if international financial market collapse is not possible?




Fast forward to August 2014 and the Financial Systems Inquiry is open for submissions. It is important that you make you concerns known at:


Please take a moment to click this like and email the Australian Government your thoughts on this crucial matter!


Or: Click Here: “Submission Summary”


….Please provide a brief summary of your submission including what is the most important issue, or piece of information, you would like to convey to the committee, and what is the most important outcome you would like to see from the Inquiry. A maximum of 2000 characters…”


It is important that you identify issues such as…


We need to be involved in deregulation of legislation that has imposed dangerous consequences on our people through an unregulated banking system.


We need to enact legislation that protects our banking system by imposing a separation of the financially insolvent speculative debts from the banks that manage our accounts of our home owners, farmers, and business people; - we need a banking separation act.


We need the reserve bank to be reconstituted to be a bank of credit creation for the Australian people.


We need to institute National Credit Creation schemes with a focus on nation building and establish new paradigms for economic measurement


That we need to prevent bail-in from being applied to our banking system and thereby allowing what happened in Cyprus to happen in Australia”




Written by Mark Greville – for the Australian Movement for Sustained Development – 4th August 2014

 - for more information contact


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