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we are at a critical point is the Syrian issue –  with the US President saying that he will take the issue of a strike against Syria before congress for approval signifies a  change in policy by that administration.


With the UK parliament voting against a strike on Syria against The UK Prime Minister advocating such a strike is significant –


A turn of tide in popular opinion is driving politics – make no mistake this is a dangerous time. 


According to a report in the Australian on the 28th August 2013, Mr Rudd said the Australian government had formed the view there was “overwhelming evidence’ of chemical weapons use by Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and this was “tantamount to a crime against humanity”.

It would however, be interesting to see the “overwhelming evidence’. There appears more than reasonable doubt over the matter, and it is plausible that elements of the free Syrian Army may be responsible for the attack to ensure the entry of NATO and the US  after “the read line” referred to by Obama a year ago, had been crossed



The following is from an January 2012 Issue of the AMSD




The UN Security council, it would seem, want the Arab league observers to come to the decision that the Syrian Government must be condemned, which would of course open the way to a NATO[1] military action against Syria.


Russia has now solidified her line both in the UN Council[2] and in sending her naval assets into Syrian waters.[3]


Meanwhile, Libya, of course, may not survive its “liberation” and remain intact[4]; and Russia wants the UN Security Council to focus on the Libyan fiasco defended ardently by US ambassador to the UN Ms Rice[5]


However the “Free Syrian Army” continues to lobby for UN endorsement to intervene. “We call on the Arab League to step aside and let the United Nations take over responsibility as it is more apt to find solutions,” said Colonel Riyadh al-Asaad leader of the Free Syrian Army.

Truly, does the blood shed of the Libyan offensive need to be repeated; one needs to see the real issues, identify the agent provocateurs[6] and have wisdom enough to see purpose behind the rhetoric.  

[1] NATO – or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization- had it origins in the cold war for the protection of Europe – how far things have twisted and turned over the last few decades 


[2] Identifying NATO’s morally failed incursion into Libya and demanding that this must not happen in Syria


[3] A large Russian naval flotilla led by an aircraft carrier. Admiral Kuznetsov escorted by a large flotilla including submarines has docked in the Syrian port of Tartus in what Damascus state media hailed on Sunday as a show of solidarity by close ally Moscow.


[4] Reports are surfacing (now even in mainstream press) that there exists a real potential for civil war erupting in that nation. - Tripoli is now an unruly patchwork of fiefdoms, each controlled by a different militia. Police are rarely seen - except when directing traffic - and there is no sign of the newly created national army ( from a media report)


[5] Rice and her Russian counterpart Vitaly Churkin are locked in a tense battle over Syria and whether NATO attacks in Libya overstepped UN resolutions 1970 and 1973 passed in February and March last year. “In the brave new world, no-fly zone means free wheeling bombing of the targets you choose to bomb,” said Churkin.


[6] In recent months, a number of Arab newspapers discussed the infiltration into Syria of 600 to 1,500 fighters from the Islamic Fighting Group in Libya (IFGL), rebranded Al Qaeda in Libya since November 2007. In late November 2011, the Libyan press reported the attempt by the Zintan militia to detain Abdel Hakim Belhaj, companion of Osama Bin Laden and historic leader of Al Qaeda in Libya, who became military governor of Tripoli by the grace of NATO. The scene took place at Tripoli airport, as he was leaving for Turkey. Finally, Turkish newspapers mentioned Mr. Belhaj’s presence at the Turkish-Syrian borders.

The following is from an August 2012 Issue of the AMSD




A great contradiction is occurring as it always does-The Kingdom of Saudi financially and (perhaps otherwise) is supporting the free Syrian army, who claim to fight for freedom for the Syrian’s while simultaneously suppressing its own people; and in many cases using deadly force to do so. What will happen in the Saudi Kingdom in the long run? Will this behaviour create a “karmic” debt upon the current ruling monarchy? Will it continue find succor under the UN and hence US wing or will a true democratic movement take root that calls for “no fly zones” over Saudi?


Of course not under the current UN or US strategic plan, where what is considered a despotic monarchy has immunity.


An attack occurred on UN convoy in Syria 30th July 2012, who was responsible or the fog of war is it hard to tell? –Irrespective such incidents are how national conflicts become regional wars. Incidentally, Syria has declared it will use chemical weapons against any foreign attacker – no doubt the statement was directed against Turkey and the NATO adversaries generally.  But the plot thickens; the chemical weapons that went missing after the fall of Libya may be used as an instigation of US[1] and UN attack. The technique is called a “false flag”, a useful tool in the hands of immoral and evil people.


How interesting, Al-Qaeda, once the foe of the US and blamed for the destruction of the world trade center towers, now are the allies of NATO and the US in Syria. Perhaps this is not unusual because Al-Qaeda was created about 30 years ago as an asset of the CIA and US Military and designed to bleed Soviet Russia in Afghanistan. “Is something rotten in the state of Demark?” there is no secret conspiracy here, this is the way it has always worked- however, the rule is “the people” don’t need to know; and this is the principle employed by all intelligence agencies.

Well perhaps it’s time the people knew what their governments do ostensibly on their behalf, 


And now Australia supports the ousting, perhaps even the assassination of Assad of Syria.  This will be of no benefit to the Middle East, but trigger a Sunni Shiite conflict, has a potential to facture Turkey, put Israel under direct threat and generally destabilize the region, while placing an existential threat to the Christian, Alawite and Jewish communities that until now have been protected in Assad’s Syria for all his warts. 


It is beyond question that intelligence agencies, particularly the CIA, took the lead some years ago and involved themselves in regime change in the Middle East; they have demonstrated that they would use any trick in the book to do so. It seems regime change is more prudent than let honest diplomacy and transparency to predominate; however from the “blow back” apparently not. Well we sow the wind and we reap the whirl wind!


Syria is a long way from Australia, but the destabilization of Syria is not just a humanitarian issue, which all decent people should be concerned about. Understand, a deterioration of the Syria may bring Iran, Russia and perhaps China into conflict with NATO and the US; such a situation is a world war. Australia is not immune in a world war, as China’s interest would side with Russia and Iran.

[1] As President Obama has stated if the Syrians resort to use chemical weapons on their people then the US will take “action”


Written by Mark Greville – for the Australian Movement for Sustained Development – 1st September  2013

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