A Critical Point in World Affairs is Approaching

We are now at the very critical point in world affairs. This is demonstrated by the increasing pressure for direct NATO, US and UK intervention in the war in Syria, which in all probability will spill into Iran and continue to engulf more nations.


At the same time we are seeing increasing degradation of the broad base of the US economy. There is clear and present evidence that indicates the extreme danger that exists internally within that nation. It is important to understand that if the US goes into a spiraling meltdown (both economic & social) the effects on Australians and Australia’s strategic position will be more than significant.



Consider the following 


(i)                  Gold manipulation - the evidence of the gold market being manipulated from financial control centers in or around the US (Federal Reserve, ASX, US Treasury etc) as a means of propping up the US dollar.  The purpose of this manipulation is to lower the price of gold to ensure investors do not flee both US bonds and currency which would place further pressure on the US.


(ii)                The December 2012 paper develop by the US FDIC – the Federal Deposits Insurance Corporation-  and the Bank of England to loot the accounts of depositors. This plan may be run out in select banks at the end of 2013 beginning of 2014 – the very same model that was used in Cyprus.


(iii)              The mounting economic and social unrest within the US - demonstrated by the attached videos (there are countless videos, blogs newspaper reports etc demonstrating to pressure towards an internal fracturing of that  nation)


(iv)               The “on the record stand down” response which allowed the Benghazi assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the corresponding resignation and/or removal of US military leaders within the region indicating a change in game plan in that area.


Review the following excerpt from an AMSD “Preparing for a Worse Case Scenario” written April 2009 - www.amsd.com.au ; consider the significance of the factors above in the forecasting of four years ago 


“…In determining the calculations one cannot ignore the current pressure, with the United States heading towards economic and social collapse. If this pressure is not alleviated this could result in either the splitting of the United States into a number of regions or alternatively, see the United States federally maintain its internal cohesion militarily. In any case, a collapse of that nation would immediately herald an economic and social collapse in our own nation under the current economic/political regime.


Needless to say a collapse of the United States of America as a world power would create an immediate power vacuum. This vacuum may see China exert her sphere of influence unopposed or see possible friction between Japan and China, or alternatively increase tension between India and China. A number of scenarios exist here.


Also a collapse of the United States of America would see a shift in the balance of power in the Middle East with a number of possible outcomes. Alternatively in the face of an economic and social collapse United States may maintain itself militarily, resulting in regime change within the United States or significant influence upon the current regime. That regime may exhibit militaristic tendencies…” 


The follow YouTube clips may demonstrate how many in the US are seeing their nation! These opinions are very significant even if you do not agree with them because they are indicative of a shift in collective consciousness.  Shifts in collective consciousness are critical events and historically have considerable significance.






These are important videos to watch - take your time to view them and learn to appreciate where we are in history; Of course there are solutions and you can be part of them.


Personally Solutions


(i)                   Have emergency storage of food, water and other necessities available for any predictable shortages


(ii)                 Remove yourself from debt if at all possible; under the current financial system debt is an enslaving factor which in most cases far overweighs any benefits it may bring


(iii)                Appreciate that there are no shortcuts  things have to be worked through logically  and steadily one step at a time


(iv)                Finally, and most importantly, focus on morality as the principle for your decisions and associate with groups with like minded people – how we treat others does reflect back upon us.


 Collectively Solutions


(i)                   Support political institution that demonstrate that they have a moral responsibility to all members of our society


(ii)                 Support political institutions that advocate that a debt moratorium must be applied to householder mortgagees if financial collapse ensues - this must be enforced though Commonwealth Legislation (see respective policy of AMSD)


(iii)                Support political institutions that advocate a national credit creation principles; this system must apply to the creation of a national bank for the issuance of credit for large infrastructure developments that would focus on rebuilding the nation ( see respective policy of AMSD)


(iv)                Support political institutions that advocate  applying  a triaging of the banking system to ensure that the international derivative debt (that is overpowering the world financial system) is removed as a risk to banks operating in Australia


(v)                  Apply a turn over taxes on stock exchanges to diminish speculation and destruction of our national physical economy.


(vi)                Create a party and set these as objectives or support a party that has these as their stated objectives


(vii)               If you are in a position of authority - the end does not justify the means- you have a lawful obligation to the public  and the Nuremburg principle still applies to people in Government  who commit offences against any member of the public


  Although the actions and directions of the US is a major significance to what happens in Australia.  The leaders and people of Australia need to take responsibility for the direction and the position our nation.  Irrespective of contemporary national tendencies for hedonism and a self centeredness Australians need to find their moral grounding and demonstrate an honest, transparent and less selfish approach to the solutions that our nation needs.


We have been blessed with a bountiful nation, notwithstanding its limitations, and all Australians have an obligation to create a future for our children and demonstrate to the world to value the optimism and the ruggedness of the Australian character than stands tall in the harshness of circumstances.    


















Written by Mark Greville – for the Australian Movement for Sustained Development – 23rd April 2013

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