There is a strong possibility that future history may record that a global world war commenced with the destabilization of Syria.  The Syrian conflict is now poised to engulf both Turkey and Israel.  Of course that will depend on a number of factors, notwithstanding the immediate intentions of the US military, NATO, Russia, Iran and China as well as the rate of an unprecedented collapse of the world financial system; but more importantly the response of civil populations to the malfeasance of their respective governments, as agent provocateurs for globalization. Upon this canvas Australia is now significantly in the mix of holding a seat on the UN Security Council.


What each nation will do is dependent upon a number of obvious and not so obvious pressures placed upon it.


Sadly, however, the history that will be written is very predictable; unless significant changes occur in how the nations of the world, both collectively and individually manage this impending financial cataclysm, and push back against rampant globalization (neo-imperialism). History is to be written, however the forecasting is simple.  It is always based on pre-existing trends, and to date those trends are extremely consistent with previous historic periods.




According to a recent US Congressional Report, and to Reuters, China is increasing its investment in its military, notably its plans within two years to develop submarines that may well have the capacity to launch nuclear missiles.


China is “on the cusp of attaining a credible nuclear triad of land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles, and air-dropped nuclear bombs,” says the report.


Against this back drop, tension is rising between China and Japan in the South China Sea, over its assets of oil and natural gas.


Although Japan currently does not have nuclear weapons, it is highly probable that Japan could produce nuclear weapons within one year if needed, that is why some regard Japan as a de facto nuclear state.  Interestingly neither Japan nor Australia would sign a recent draft UN submission to “intensify their efforts to outlaw nuclear weapons and achieve a world free of nuclear weapons”




There is an apparent metric or dynamic that follows a predictable sequence of events; regional economic growth, global financial expansion, financial exploitation, financial collapse followed by trade wars and then war. This pattern can be clearly found prior to the “Great War” of 1914-18 and the Second World War 1939-1945 and now, what appears to be the first great war of the 21st Century.


People, communities and nations appear to follow a cyclic pattern; meaning they keep repeating the same behaviors over and over again, unless of course they learn to change their patterns. Such is the nature of the situation and the essential question being “can we change our patterns?”


If we change from the current cyclic phase we will emerge with a greater potential and a reprieve for humanity.  If we don’t we will have numerous regional proxy wars, a conventional world war or a nuclear exchange. 


Just as Keynesian economic theory became shattered with the development of the phenomena of stagflation in the 1970’s the political polarity of a left socialist and right capitalist charade is being shattered in the first decade of the 21st Century.


What’s behind this charade is the blatant manipulation of the masses through party politics. It’s the manipulators behind the scene that need to come into the spot light.


Nations, including Australia need to declare neutrality from the onrushing catastrophe. They must remove themselves from the extreme socialists, and extreme corporatist influences. Those nations must focus on building their national physical economies and provide a productive base for their future generations. This is true sustained development.  Otherwise we will see the ever accelerating destruction of functional civilization.


The leading nations on the current world scene have their own pressures upon them- this is exacerbated by a massive self-interest at the highest level. This rampant self-interest results in manipulation for the purposed of greed and causes the common citizen of any nation to become a non-cognizant pawn in the deceit.  Look at our own Government, the scandals, the corruption and the failure to act on the most essential things.


This self interest as expressed through the majority of our leaders and a complicity exits in those who are in a position to oppose this self-interest but do not, and thus prevent the national development programs that countries urgently need. As this occurs money and assets are funneled out of national economies for corporate and personal interests, at the same time lining the pockets of many of the politicians that are in essence only the stewards of a nations assets. Dishonest stewards at that.  




What were the causes of the Second World War? Undoubtedly the German amalgamation with Austria, the taking of Czechoslovakia and the invasion of Poland; however these occurrences were the consequences of the economic disarray of the Europe in the 1930’s


Likewise Japan was struggling to maintain a free democracy during the 30’ and militarism prevailed. By the mid 30’s Japan was at war with China, and eventually after economic sanctions being imposed against it, Japan was at war in the Pacific with British Commonwealth and the US.


Behind the war were financial and economic failures and it was these failures that powered totalitarian governments to grow!


However, in those regimes that became totalitarian  it was not the majority of the population that truly believed in war and militarization, neither in Germany nor Japan, but a minority that saw war as a panacea to the economic and financial malaise and an opportunity of a grab for power.  However the minority was boisterous and the majority maintained relative silence. 


We see the same today; even in our own country the attention of the majority does not see nor wish to see where Australia or the world is heading. Complacency, preoccupations and cultivated ignorance is the preferred disposition. 





The International power structures are at war! Why?  Because they are uncertain of what the next steps should be as the corruption of the world financial system become apparent to the general masses. 


For example, evidence in support of this is the HSBC being fined 27.5 million dollars for a matter associated with laundering billions of dollars in terrorist money.


The degrading fact is that they are not having any criminal proceedings placed against them but rather being fined for not keeping the correct administration systems to prevent this!!!!! This is indicative of the countless instances financial criminality that exists in our system.




Because globalization and free trade are the processes through which independent power brokers can acquire assets from sovereign peoples, they are effective tools of the international financial system.


The international power structures have recruited numerous assets through the power of the international financial system. 


Operations, such as in Iraqi and Afghanistan relied heavily on the use of mercenaries; private interest that can be bought and paid for


Thus we see an ever increasing contracting of military and military support service (for instance the use of contracting within the Central Intelligence Agency.)  Such that private intelligence analysis’s operatives may earn twice as much as government paid workers. Such a “privatization” model creates a situation of an easily recognized conflict of interests. 


The question must always be asked, in whose interests are these “private” operatives truly working for?  Thus business interests have ample opportunity to infiltrate the system!


The plot thickens, as the Syrian crisis escalates and US Military commanders and the head of the CIA “stand down”. Are we witnessing a decapitation of the US Military command to ensure that the “privatization” is allowed to push through its agenda without hindrance or are we seeing the contrary?


From the Durango Herald 18th November 2012…  “At least five current and former U.S. generals at the rank of one-star or higher have been reprimanded or investigated for possible misconduct in the last two weeks“…


Similarly from the Northern Colorado Gazette 5th Nov 2012 “…the White House has denied reports that top commanders in the Middle East have been relieved over their commands for disobeying orders to stand down while the US ambassador and other Americans were being attacked by Muslim terrorists in Libya on the anniversary of 9/11…”


Relieving generals from their command, and standing down of military leaders, implies either an unwillingness of those leaders to follow orders, or a pre-emptive purge to ensure that newly appointed generals will follow orders.


Many honest analysts have declared that the US military as a whole has not been functional for 20 to 30 years


Australian intelligence agencies need to reassess their integrity in the face of such developments.  Intelligence agencies intimately involved with the reliance on massive mercenary operations should be disbanded.


Australian Intelligence and military leaders no doubt appreciate the capriciousness of the current unfolding situation.


It would be sad if Australian intelligence and military leader’s goals were too intricately tied to CIA and US military objectives.


As it seems increasingly clear, the US are committed to using  substantial forces in a Syrian campaign however, time will tell whether the purpose of a decapitation of various head of the US military and the CIA head was to stall the operation or to bring it forward.


Of course when the US is ready to embark upon a Syrian campaign Australia will support this resolution, now being on the Security Council, calling into question the legitimacy of such an operation under UN charter.  


A hopelessly morally bankrupt government can lead a nation down the path to war, no doubt; and when the unthinkable happens and that nation is defeated, it sues for peace. The enemy of the nation historically imposes harsh terms that punish the nation and it peoples; their assets are removed, their nation is occupied and national infrastructure is destroyed.


 In such a state what will those peoples do then?  Will they say it wasn’t our fault it was our governments; will they say we did agree with our leader’s actions, you can’t impose this harshness on us it will destroy us.

Sadly, that nation must have woken up beforehand. It was through their stupidity and laziness that such consequences occurred.  



Written by Mark Greville – for the Australian Movement for SustainedDevelopment – 26th

 November- for more information contact

Special thanks to Peter Trent & Richard Hicks for their assistance on this release


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