Diversity is a characteristic that helps to ensure survival.  This is why nature invests heavily in diversity.

The biosphere demonstrates immense diversity; and through this bio-diversity nature appears to solve problems differently in different parts of the biosphere. Naturally, science capitalizes on natures solutions to apply nature’s secrets to new and emerging technologies    

During times of agricultural blight entire national crops have been saved through the introduction of foreign variants of the particular crop that had a natural resistance to the crop blight; thus survival was achieved because of the existence of diversity.

Nature has “rules” or “laws” that protect its biodiversity and the study and application of these laws of bio-diversity is invaluable. The concept that there are rules that protect diversity is an interesting point that we will return to later in the paper.

It is in the diversity of a system that the strength of the system lies and thus the destruction of diversity is a dangerous occupation for many reasons. 
Each culture, each national group develops its own unique solutions to common problems; this is part of uniqueness of culture. The living repository of cultural uniqueness is in many cases is irreplaceable.
I have spent some time on the Island of Okinawa and I have studied how the Ryukyu culture of those Islands has it has been changed first by Japanese occupation and later by American occupation.  The subjugation by each occupier has done much to change the original culture of the Ryukyu Islands, and thus the uniqueness of the Ryukan culture.

Now, Okinawa exists as a blended Japanese based culture, significantly interwoven with the global commercialism and corporatism; much damage has been done to the Okinawan culture in the process; the longevity and health of its citizens, the stability of its families and resilience of its regional communities- all collateral damage!   If the international mono-culture of commercialism has not created health for peoples of Okinawa how do other nations or the world fare? 


Diversity makes natural laboratories that create different solution for the problems that cultures, economies and peoples similarly face. Sadly, Monocultures, in terms of demographics, geopolitics and economies; rob humanity of access to many solutions.

Conversely the creation of a mono-culture – be it financial or economic is a critical danger to the survival of the system.

However, in our all pervading international financial-economic- geopolitical model, of which Australia is part, there is a significant leaning towards this  mono-culture. Such a model is the antithesis to a healthier solution, which, from an economic perspective, is a free market and economic diversity. Government and corporate control that eliminates economic and financial diversity is a danger to the public good.
Economic mono-cultures bringing dangers to national regions and in times of crises economic mono-cultures may be causative in leading to collapse.

Thus a government has a responsibility to ensure the adoption of a positive diversity for its people; this diversity must be reflected both by encouraging diversity politically and economically. The rigid two party political system, the centrally controlled banking system the removal of tariff protection and advocating free trade  are not signposts of economic and political diversity but quite the opposite.

Similarly, Australia destroying her farms while hoping to capitalize on the sale of our non-renewable resources clearly demonstrates her commitment to “Free Trade”; which sadly demonstrates the lack of protection of our economic diversity- a diversity which is required for the protection and survival of our national and regional economies and their people.

To demonstrate the ravages that occur through “free trade” I will recreate a discussion that I recently had with a local trophy designer and seller. The business has been family owned for at least two generations. The owner in despair explained to me that she had designers and craftspeople begging for work so that they could pay their electricity bills, but she could offer then nothing as she couldn’t compete with the trophy products that are imported from China. Consequently, she informed me, whole skills are lost as trades people are disseminated from the industry; tooling capacity is lost as the equipment that once used on such processes is no longer needed.  The result, that which  has taken a long time to develop- the technology, the tooling the training and all  that investment is lost; and once it is gone in some cases it is very, very difficult to get back.

At the other end of the extreme our own NSW State Government, keen to raise money, calls for expression of Interest to tender rights to private consortiums to mine Uranium. Thorium, Coal and Coal Gas exemplify the blind stupidity of the system.  We “gut” everything till there is nothing left. If this doesn’t demonstrate the “Easter Island Effect” then nothing does.


When the first Europeans arrived on Easter Island in the late 18th early 19th century they encountered a population of about 2,000 people on an island almost denuded of trees. However, they found evidence that on that Island once a flourishing and complex society existed, a society relatively rich in resources and with substantial forests.  
What’s occurring in our current financial-economic- geopolitical world model is may be parody of what happened at Easter Island. It appears the chiefs of each successive clan diverted immense resources of the Islands economy to create Moai or statues that were quarried on the Island. The Islands trees where cut down to roll the massive stones into position, with the loss of trees, erosion caused the productive soils were blown away and so destructive was the islands economic model that there is significant evidence to suggest the last remnants of the clans reverted to cannibalism. 

The successive and competing clans of Easter Island were expressing a culture that was incompatible with survival. Perhaps, those supporting the competing clans could not see they were dooming themselves.

So today, could it be that we have international governance defending the indefensible?

To plan, to implement, to monitoring and to review as a mechanism to make governance more effective sounds positive; but when initial premise of the governance is flawed are we not following the “Easter island Effect”? Thus the true problem is undefined and when responsiveness is critical, perhaps then window for action is escapes us and the catastrophe is already upon us.


Manipulating the meaning of diversity can be used as a tool to fracture society; this can be seen when lobby groups use strategies to demonize particular cultural groups. 

The use of ethnicity as a tool to create division in society is well known and documented.

Vilification of any ethnicity is an insidious scapegoatism that should have died out in the Nazi era. Sadly, however it is a political tool used by the nastiest of people for a very specific end.  That end is the fractioning of a community, a region or a nation.

Thus, many turn to multiculturalism as the answer to remedy the sickness of hate against a  particular group.  However multiculturalism, taken literally, leads to an incoherency of nation, region and community; a truly confusing mixture where cultural boundaries may become the place of fracture points in a nation when it (the nation) is under economic, or other hardship.

It is neither multiculturalism nor a single ethnicity that is necessarily healthy to the nation. It is in the constitutionalism (in the form of government) that applies the principles that guide the nation and maintains concern for the interests of all, while protecting the interests of the minority.

 As nature protects its diversity to ensure the sustainable web of the biosphere, so the nation must protect its diversity through the protection by a rule; a rule that encompasses the ideals of the nation – that rule is called a constitution. 

A constitutional system is one where the principles of the nation are defined and set, they are not voted in or out in a whim, they are not bartered for factional power; how, unlike our own parliamentary system where the beguiling of the voter and obtaining a majority can make laws to the detriment of the nation and its people.

Under a healthy constitution, persons from all backgrounds and cultures are subsumed under the constitution, and protected by it; neither multiculturalism nor monoculturalism is then the issue.  A constitutional government is one that is a government of the people, created for the people and not created for the gifted few.

If the design of our political system had been directed towards a constitutional government rather than developing multiculturalism, implemented for the purpose of political expediency, then perhaps then we would have a more cohesive system. A system with a people immunized against radicalism and immunized against those who seek to exploit radicalism for their own benefit. 


Evidence of the world financial collapse is abounds, no matter how media tries to spin it. Unemployment levels in Spain, Italy, Greece and Ireland are greater than sanitized figures. Likewise the US economy is depressed; unemployment is growing and its dollar collapsing.  Asia, the world’s economic/financial powerhouse is beginning to contract.

War it seems is being touted as a strategic solution and as a diversion of the people from its economic woes and a means of resetting the financial button.

The US and NATO are increasing their military forces in and about the Straits of Hormuz with the capacity to be equally projected into a Syrian or Iranian theater of operation. 

Iran has moved elements of its Republican Guard into Syria to support The Syrian President Assad into now what is becoming a civil war in that region.

China and Japan are increasing becoming hostile over the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands in the South China Sea; with possibly the US encouraging Japan to be provocative; clearly the US’s new military strategy in focusing its attention in the Pacific and limiting the military development of China maybe at the demonstrated here.


One assumes that those within Australia’s security and intelligence organizations operate within the confines of various charters; they act in what they consider the best interests of our nation. But from their perspective what do they consider those “best interests” might be?

Can an agencies policy further potentiate the “Easter Island effect”?  No doubt it can! If a policy of a security and intelligence organization becomes the extensions of political and economic agendas- this would be a sad state of affairs.

For many innocent people pain and suffering rests upon faulty policy … but then, how would those middle managers of security and intelligence organizations know if the policies they were following were or were not working in the nation’s interest? What if the compartmentalization model they were operating within prevents them knowing this?

Although, compartmentalization seems a useful technique in maintaining secrecy and control, for all its subtlety it may do more harm to the nation than good if wisdom if being lost in the final analysis?

Things may get bad, very bad where persons are in the position to know better, do not.

It is 1938 Hans Oster of the German high command, along with numerous leading German figures made requests for the British security and intelligence organizations to assist in the removal of Adolf Hitler in a supported operation. They (the High Command) had grave concern that Hitler would lead Germany into a dangerous war that was not in the interest of their nation. It was made clear to the British that all Neville Chamberlin had to do was to stand fast and not appease Hitler and then members of the German High Command would move into action to strip Hitler of his leadership. It was a bold plan, and if achieved possibly may have stopped the bloodshed that was in Europe’s immediate future.

Sadly, the security and intelligence organization of the day didn’t act nor did Neville Chamberlin stand fast and refused to appease Hitler. Thus the action which would have triggered the conspiracy against Hitler did not occur; instead there was appeasement; and history gave us the holocaust and the massive loss of life in the European theater of the Second World War. This example amply demonstrates the “success” of the political and intelligence organization of that time.

Conversely, it was the citizen soldiers of the west (particularly the US and British Commonwealth) that saved the world from totalitarianism; peoples from all walks of life within these citizen armies, stood up against the evil that had destroyed the freedom of the German people.

 It was not the high command of the prewar professional armies of the British or Commonwealth, nor was it the security and intelligence organizations acting as extensions of political and economic systems that established the peace. Rather they may have been implicated in the instigation of the initial mess. History tells us so many interesting and enlightening lessons, if we choose to listen. Sadly when we do not listen immense suffering can occur before reason prevails.

Naturally there are secrets that must be kept- this is essential for security and intelligence organization in the defence of their nation - but for the sake of all humanity, use your analysis correctly and provide direction that will benefit humanity not lead to the edge of destruction.

It is not comforting to know that in the 70’s and 80’s the US Pentagon, the institution that essentially determined the entire US military strategy, had no concept of a “nuclear winter” as at least one consequence of an exchange of nuclear weapons between the Soviet Union and the US. 

It is comforting to know that it was the actions and agitation of scientists such as Carl Sagan and the masses of people that supported them, that convinced the US Pentagon that an exchange of nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM’s) would devastate the world and bring in a “nuclear winter”. Where are these masses today when again we are coming close to the brink of a nuclear exchange?

Notwithstanding, there is the nobler part of man that wishes to protect its community and its people. There is no wrong for a nation to defend its people. However, it is unnatural for humans to wish to kill humans; it is the unnatural types that have that proclivity. No matter what nationality; German, Russian, Chinese, Australian or Americans war leave scars on the psyche

Is it strange that the US Military that fought in the two Bush Gulf Wars, now demobilized veterans, are considered by the current US Department of Homeland Security potential terrorists? No, not when they witnessed the lies, devastation and hypocrisy during their terms of service.

Australian soldiers also have their stories to tell; but more telling is the political system that puts the young men and women of our nation in harm’s way without providing either the due diligence, nor careful examination that our people deserve.


This paper has attempted to highlight certain matters that are critical in today’s social political and economic environment. The presence of this criticality underscores a serious morality and relationship issue that inherently exists. Morality is a matter of our relationship with God and man, when our relationships are dysfunctional so is our life collectively and individually. As peoples and individuals we need to link back to health of these relationships and in doing so enlightenment may result.

Written by Mark Greville – for the Australian Movement for Sustained Development – 30th September- for more information contact

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