In the about year 625-7 BC the prophet Jeremiah stood up and spoke to the people of Judah  (the northern Israel kingdom) and warned the people of impending doom, in the form of a Babylonian invasions and capture of people of Judah, dispossession of their lands and a forced deportation to Babylon; of course the people didn’t listen and the rest is history.

From the Hawke to the Keating to the Howard Government, Australia has been committed to the free trade model, this has destroyed our industrial base, decreased the affluence of the middle class and increased the real inflationary rate of our currency.

It is no doubt the world is now in economic crises phase. There have been many that have predicted  the collapse of the current world economic cycle   Many have cited is major causes, the relentless ravaging of the physical economy and the destruction national assets of sovereign nations for the benefit of the monetarist forces of globalization and free trade; likewise as in Jeremiah’s time, people do not listen. For a people who prefer to bury their heads in the sand, rather than changing their ways, it may be quite educational to read the book of Jeremiah


Day by day new issues come to light of the financial fraud that has infected international finance; such as the claims are that insiders had advanced warnings to make massive gains through insider trading of the Central Bank exchange rates  No doubt there will be more discoveries of manipulation as the system spirals downward. What does this say for the integrity of banks linked to that financial system?  Even official allegations been made against the US Treasury Tim Geithner

Individual banking institution also hit the spotlight, such as HSBC in a scandal through laundering terrorist and drug trafficking proceeds. What more do we need to know to demand that the houses of finance must scrutinized?

Our Australian Banks are not immune. They are intimately affected by the world central banks and the international system.

With the world economic system so reliant on the international financial system and the massive corrupted manipulation of that system, how can there be any real growth in the physical economy? How can development be sustained?


As you understand, unless one is growing, one is contracting; steady state is not a reality that humans can maintain. The term sustained development, within the broad definition of an economy , is used to describe a state where growth and development are the main drivers of what we commonly define as the economy. Thus, “Sustained development” is demonstrated by the robustness and capacity of a physical economy ; the more robust the physical economy the more we see a growing and a developing economy.

The type of “economy” referred to above brings affluence, creates a strong and numerous middle class and is associated with progress and the development of innovation to overcome economic scarcity or physical limitation. Such as described has always been the natural, healthy progress of man- when released from the fetters of domination – whether political, financial or physical. 

The term “Sustainable development”, on the other hand, is term that requires man to be confined by economic scarcity or physical limitation. It is philosophic in outlook in the support of limitations rather than pragmatic in overcoming limitations. 

It adherents (of sustainable development) are encouraged to manipulate the “Green” Agenda. But behind that “green” mask is a type of economy that does not bring affluence but rather creates austerity, decimates the middle class and is easily manipulated to achieve economic scarcity and physical limitation; which is essential  for those so positioned can capitalize massive financial returns. This, of course, brings us back to the purpose of fraudulent rigging of the financial system in the first place, manipulation for a massive capital returns.  However, the purpose of the fraudulent self perpetuating failure to make a massive capital returns is a dangerous game.

Through a Fabianist like process governments, supposedly the servants of the people have been collectively coerced, cajoled, incentivized and indoctrinated to favour “Sustainable development”. They have neglected the rational “Sustained development” just as they have favoured privatization and selling off of national assets.  This ideological commitment to sustainable development and privatization is a real and present danger to Australia, and to our misfortune, without the necessary protective safeguards in place, it is about to terribly harm the Australia  people.

It is not surprising that financial manipulation at the highest levels flourish when a system is committed to hoodwinking the general population.


Many nations are becoming concerned over the massive financial manipulation of the US dollar, and its underlying weakness. As the financial jackals and hyenas of globalization and free trade gutted the US of is substantial manufacturing and industrial base, that once great nation is being left in tatters.

Some nations are resorting to the payment of balance of payments in gold, others in their own or their trading partner’s currency.

As the US dollar receives more battering, the plunge protection team continues to use US Treasury and Federal Reserve resources to prop up the failing dollar and artificially depress the prices of commodities such as Gold and Silver. 

Thus as the US dollar deteriorates the Australian dollar (providing China continues to buy our non-renewable resources) seems to ride high- but when the US dollar truly begins its downward drive (when the plunge protection team turns off the financial resources courtesy of the Federal Reserve ) the Australian dollar will likewise collapse. Unfortunately Australia does not have an institutional creation of credit at a State or National level (although that could be remedied) nor does Australia have a triaging system to allow our banks to separate the speculative debt from the true financial assets that will be a critical capacity to have when the US dollar collapses .

Our politicians have not even considered having legislation in place for managing the introduction of national credit creation or triaging the debts. So when the gutting occurs we are not prepared.


There has always been the false argument that war is a suitable focus for economic/financial reconstruction; this argument is used by many monetarists who demonstrate a failure of rational reasoning. Unfortunately, the option is bubbling away on the world stove of alternatives. Well those that truly believe such is the case should be the first the fill the front lines when hell breaks loose! For such argument is immoral to the highest degree!


In the Middle East a great contradiction is occurring; The Kingdom of Saudi both financially and logistically is supporting the Syrian insurgents (the free Syrian army) while simultaneously suppressing its own people (in many cases using deadly force to do so). What will happen in Saudi Kingdom in the long stretch? Will it find succor under the wing of the US  or will a true democratic movement take root that will call for “no fly zones” over Saudi? Of course not under the current UN or US strategic plan, where what is considered a despotic monarchy by many, has immunity.


Was the attack on UN convoy in Syria 30th July 2012, real, not real, or the fog of war –irrespective such incidents are how national conflicts become regional wars. Incidentally, Syria has declared it will use chemical weapons against any foreign attacker (directed against Turkey and generally NATO adversaries),

How interesting the Al-Qaeda, once the foe of the US and blamed for the destruction of the world trade center towers, now are the allies of NATO and the US in Syria. Then this is not unusual because Al-Qaeda were created about 30 years ago as an asset of the CIA and US Military designed to bleed Soviet Russia in Afghanistan. “Is something rotten in the state of Demark?” there is no secret conspiracy here, this is the way it has always worked- however, the rule is “the people” don’t need to know; and this is the principle employed by all intelligence agencies. Well perhaps it’s time the people knew what their governments do ostensibly on their behalf, 

And now Australia supports the ousting, perhaps even the assassination of Assad of Syria.  This will be of no benefit to the Middle East, but trigger a Sunni Shiite conflict, has a potential to facture Turkey, will put Israel under direct threat and generally destabilize the region, while placing an existential threat to the Christian, Alawite and Jewish communities that until now have been protected in Assad’s Syria.

It is beyond question, that intelligence agencies, particularly the CIA, some years ago took the lead and involved themselves in regime change in the Middle East; and they would use any trick in the book to do so. It appeared to them that it was more prudent than let diplomacy, transparency and honesty predominate; well from the “blow back” apparently not. Well we sow the wind and we reap the whirl wind.

Syria is a long way from Australia, but the destabilization of Syria is not just a humanitarian issue, which all decent people should be concerned about. Understand, a deterioration of the Syria conflict may bring Iran, Russia and perhaps China into conflict with NATO and the US; such a situation is a world war. Australia is not immune in a world war, as China’s interest would side with Russia and Iran.


It is the claimed US Defence policy to focus both its military assets and the capacity to project those military assets in the Pacific region. 

Consequently, the US is returning to Subic Bay in the Philippines; a massive US naval base that will support US military projection into the South China Sea. 

Australia’s contributions are being revaluated to support the US military capacity to project into the Pacific; thus the stationing of US Marines in Darwin (whose numbers can be increased in a moment’s notice); thus the utilizing of Perth to berth US nuclear naval assets; thus the development of airbases on the Coco’s Islands. Not to mention the massive previously existing US intelligence gathering assets and installations on our shores.

China is responding by increasing its preparations for war, investing in the development its naval assets, carrying out naval patrols in and around the disputed Spratley Islands and the preparation of garrisoning Chinese troops on various strategic Islands in that region.

Chinese strategists’ are suggesting that Okinawa should succeed from Japan and expel the current contingent of fifty thousand US marines on that Island as well as the various US Air Force bases.

In the light of this development Japan has stiffened its military rhetoric towards China.

Now where does Australia stand? Consider if the Chinese economy diverts its raw materials supply orders to Russia, the economic stability that our current government falsely promotes as the results of their superior management, would melt as summer hail. We have become unhealthy dependent upon China purchasing our non-renewable resources, and we have done so because our commitment to a Globalized free trade policy; a policy that has left so much carnage in its wake. 

Further, considering the switch in US strategic global military focus from the Middle East and Central Asia to China and the Pacific brings with it considerable risk to Australia. Does this mean in the near future our allies will be recommending another “Brisbane Line”?


As opposing nation’s position their military forcers the possibility of an error becoming a critical event increases and then a hot war can ensue.

Simultaneously, pressure for misadventure can come from behind the scenes where corporations see a financial opportunity in military incursions or an increase to military spending (such as in the Iraq war). This is a very subtle pressure but exists none the less.


After the First World War the League of Nations was devised to become of vehicle to ensure cooperation and peace within the world.

The League of Nations was not successful in preventing the rise of totalitarian nations, particularly when the world financial collapse was in full swing in the early 1930’s

The UN was established to provide a similar role to the League; its aims appeared lofty however its record does not equate to its aims. Its lack of action in the Middle East, its failure in the Algerian civil war, its failures in Africa,  its recent inactivity in the deaths of hundreds of Muslims in Burma, its direct involvement in the destruction of Libya and the its current involvement in the Syria.

Does the UN military agenda equal the US agenda? Is the UN a useful tool of international corporatism?  At the highest levels does the line between corporatism, governance and finance blur?

Further, are Australian politicians critical enough, vocal enough against the failures of the UN? Or do some of our politicians and senior public servants see the UN as a career opportunity?

Ultimately should the UN take precedence over national sovereignty?   Australians need to ask these questions!


Make no mistake, there are no green shoots, we are not in a market adjustment. What is being unveiled is a true world economic depression.

Take heart; some initial solutions can be found national credit creation of the purpose for which the Commonwealth Bank was originally created. This in not inflationary as incompetent economists and “financial experts” would lead you to believe. It is not advocated by the “experts” because it puts power back into the middle class, and makes a more affluent middle class.

Further, State and Federal Governments using these credit creation powers would have the opportunity to undertake massive infrastructure projects that revitalizes the nation’s economy. This is not socialism- this is providing the productive capacity for a middle class to grow and flourish.

Further, the establishment of treaty relationships for trade between nations- treaties, which are not based on a free trade model; this will provide true wages to peoples from all nations and  allow nations the ability to remove the exploitation of people that can’t protect themselves – advocating fair trade and not free trade.


The NSW State Government is demonstrating its proclivity to lean towards austerity-this is a dangerous path. This government, in its demonstrating that it will privatize as much as possible,  is displaying that it has not the courage to stand up and be moral government. 

After the austerity has run its course, delivered to us by a weak government, then the trouble begins.  Despotic government and bureaucratic rule becomes the model, and in the case of Australia nepotistic and corrupt.

It’s time that State and Federal Governments opened their eyes and changes their path. It’s time members of political parties, union members, members of government departments and civil servants realized that it is their responsibility, obligation and their moral duty to demand honesty and integrity in the leadership and prudence in their management!

Despotic governments whether they are named Capitalists, Communists or Socialists are truly Fascist at heart. They must be avoided for the sake of humanity. Despotic Government is instigated through times of austerity, permitted to grow because the moral fiber of the middle class becomes lukewarm, and the despotism is rolled out in a Hegelian like manner.

If something is not fought and conquered when it is small that thing becomes great; and it that which becomes great is an evil, even greater is the danger to the people.

However did they listen in Jeremiah’s time? Are you listening? Can you take responsibility and do what you can to help steer Australia towards a better future; can you encourage others to take responsibility to do the same? 

The more you learn and put that knowledge to work the more chance we all have. We all have choices to make; many are working on the side that favours a most dangerous outcome that will affect you as assuredly as it affects others.

Knowledge is power, wisdom gives us the right timing and faith gives us our courage.
Written by Mark Greville – for the Australian Movement for Sustained Development – 31st  August - for more information contact

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