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 [1] AFRICOM is the acronym for the US African command. All commands have agendas and strategic objectives, naturally these strategic objectives would be expected to be in the interests of the nations those militaries represent.  However, one must determine when military strategic agendas are being switched from the protection of national interests to the support of international financial agendas. 
No doubt, there appears a pressure through the auspices of AFRICOM to exclude the interests of China from Africa. As you may know, over the last 10 years China has made extensive investment in Africa.

One must question the contribution that AFRICOM made to the Libyan campaign and the killing of Gadaffi and if there was financial benifit to be gained from the destruction Libya.
The US possesses a massive military structure, and the US supports that military machine with about 4.5% of its GDP spending.   However, where does the line stop in identifying national interest and international financial interests; that all depends on who is drawing the line.  One must recognise the various statements made by US Representatives, for example Hillary Clinton (US Secretary of State) “…we came, we saw, he died…” [2]  (referring to Gadaffi) or perhaps the statements made by Senator John McCain “I think dictators all over the world, including Bashar al-Assad, maybe even Mr. Putin, maybe some Chinese, maybe all of them, may be a little bit more nervous,”  [3] . Knowing that Australia is committed to the actions of the US, perhaps its time for all Australians to be concerned about the people who draw that line!  -   from the AMSD release 28th Oct 2011

Human nature can be very complex and yet often times very predictive. Many of us can at the same time posses views on various subjects that are contradictory and still we may not be capable of discerning the contradiction.  This may be in part, at least in an intellectual sense, to see things in a Cartesian or singular plane relationship; thus we may be capable of juggling only one ball in the air; perhaps the ball of geo-politics and military strategy. However, if we are a little more skilled we may juggle the ball of economics- how does this change the manner you juggle the geo-political and military strategy ball?  However, we can then introduce the ball of international finance; this has a greater influence on how we move the other two. Now lets throw in social engineering; what a complex activity, it requires quite an expert to juggle this lot. 

One simple mistake and all the balls come tumbling down!


Advocates of the African invasion are in meltdown after Jason Russell, apparent co-founder of the “invisible children” was arrested for serious anti-social behaviour. One needs to investigate the funding the “invisible children”; do they have the finger prints of Goldman Sachs all over them- and what about George Soros can his financial investment be seen here?  The film “Kony 2012” with the support of film actress Angelina Jolie has provided the right pressure to push bills through the US house of representatives and perhaps opening the way for AFRICOM [4] to directed their military assets; I am sure that its just a coincidence the proposed area of operation has the estimated 2.6 billion barrels of oil just under the ground.

The Arab Spring has stalled in Syria- time for a new front; perhaps its time to continue the immoral raping of Africa for her resources?


Mr. Smith, Australian Defence Minister, saying that Australian SAS are not being used for intelligence gathering in Africa [5] may well be propaganda. In Somalia during the 1990’s, Australian SAS were declared by the then current Defence Minister not to be operational in Somalia, but the fact remains they were [6].

What is happening in Africa is a flanking operation of economic significance.  It seems no doubt that any Australian Troops in Africa are under the direction of AFICOM  and one of AFICOM’s purpose seems to be the prevention of China from investing in African development and thereby acquiring supplies of raw materials; something that China sorely requires.  It would seem highly predictable that Mr. Rudd, when in his role as Foreign Minister, and who’s was intensely keen on a war in Libya, would have placed Australian assets on call for NATO or AFICOM. It is strange that Mr. Rudd said such  allegations were a “total, absolute, fabrication” and that he did not ask or support any proposal for such deployment.

Mr Smith said “Everything which occurs in that general area (intelligence) is done in accordance with our domestic law, it’s done in accordance with our international legal obligations, whether that’s the law of armed conflict, whether that’s international humanitarian law.” Naturally, however we must follow the rule of law; but we must be extremely concerned  in how those laws become laws with all the various loopholes that exist  allowing   the creation of a grey zone - such that something can remain “legal” and yet smells of immorality and illegality.

However, as usual, this strategy in Africa is reactive and three steps behind. The causative factors that instigate the “need” for a “China policy” in Africa (and elsewhere) are financial and economic at their heart; and such remedy as is currently being provided is fraught with danger.

From reports in the age, obliviously someone with a reasonable knowledge of Australia’s military deployment has provided the ammunition for the questions. This may suggests hopefully, some of our military experts can see the folly of the current “grand chess board” of international military positioning.

China is responding to movements on the “grand chess board” by strategies of stabilization through trade and commerce – Apparently, China proposed a $30 billion swap with Australia in July last year. It has made the same deals with 15 other Central/Reserve Banks. The agreement was signed by Reserve Bank governor Mr. Glen Stevens. Through this agreement the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Peoples Banks of China will hold the equivalent of $30 billion in each others currency.   This allows currency exchange and commerce between Australia and China through the settlement of international debts by their respective national currencies.
The essential purpose of this mechanism would allow for trade to continue with China, in the context of a collapse of the US dollar (the international unit of exchange) although this purpose will not be touted as a strategy of the mechanism.  It has a multi benefit to China and may be a positive to trade international trade.


Within the last few days, China [7] made stern warnings against India not to undertake oil exploration on behalf of Vietnam, in the South China Sea. Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei all have claim to this area. 
China claims India undertaking such exploration would jeopardize the “peace and stability” of the region.


On the 27th of March, China stated that is was surveying the South China Sea as a prelude to support its territorial claims.



Through its foreign policy the US may be unwittingly causing the creation of rival international financial clearing system which may be instrumental in removing financial control from Wall Street and the City of London.


Statements from the US White House have called for nations that have not sufficiently cut oil purchases from Iran to suffer embargos from the US.  These embargos amount to excluding the “offending” nations from US Central Banking, funds clearing and payment system, apparently according to Hilary Clinton.


Countries judged not to have sufficiently cut oil purchases form Iran will be at risk of embargos by Clinton as early as June 28th 2012. If current purchasing trends do not sufficiently change nations in this embargo would include.

1. China
2. India
3. South Korea
4. Pakistan
5. Indonesia
6. Malaysia
7. South Africa
8. Turkey
9. Taiwan
10. Philippines
11. Singapore
12. Sir Lanka


The US will also consider barter as a hostile act. Incidentally it appears that that India will settle 45% of their oil settlement in Rupees with Iran the rest possibly in gold. 

June will be an interesting month for the US Central Banking and funds clearing/payment system.


On the 29th March a Meeting of the BRIC  [7] was scheduled; at that meeting an alternative method of managing international payment and a system to clear international debts was proposed – will this constitute a rival to the bank of international settlements?

Discussions may be underway to allow for the development of an US airbase for drone aircraft on the Australian owned Cocos Islands as well as opening up naval facilities on the West Australia for US naval asset, including nuclear submarines.

These new arrangements, together with the US Marines to be based in Darwin, and the existing US establishments such as Pine Gap, a US pattern of defensive -offensive capacity in the Pacific is taking shape. The strategy is the counter to Chinese development in the region.
As reported previously Australia does not need nor should want to be part of a military build up.  Australia naturally has a historic relationship with the US states since the Australian Prime Minister John Curtin turned towards the Roosevelt led US after Japan entered the second world war in 1941. At that time Britain was willing to sacrifice Australia by recommending that we leave our troops in North Africa and withdraw the remainder of our military assets south to a defensive perimeter called “the Brisbane line”

Sadly the US now does not act out of national sovereignty but in the interest of international finance and corporate globalization.  The ANZUS Treaty that Australia had with the US was with a nation that honored its own constitution.  Since the murder of John F Kennedy that nation has slowly co-opted by international financial interests.  Since that time horrible wars have been undertaken with dubious legality – including the war in Iraqi, Afghanistan and most recently Libya

Australia should be honour bound to support the US – when that nation returns to its constitutional roots.  But until that time, Australia must remain neutral in what is leading to the first great war of the 21st Century.

The real solutions lay in nations developing their own physical economies and owning their own ability to create credit. Not allowing foreign private banks to control the creation of money.

In that regard Australia will not grow up until it establishes a bank of credit creation and thereby develops its own national resources and provides for it own infrastructure.
Australia needs fair trade with all nations including the US and China – but Australia, or any other nation, must not be a slave to free trade, globalization and a renegade international financial system.

No nation should aspire to imperialism, whether through armies or financial manipulation – as imperialism robs the weak and murders the innocent. 
Our region will be the focus of terrible war if the military assets continue to be placed as they are being

I have written on the above ad nauseam in previous articles- Australian politics, of the main parties, are nothing but theater; the system that is skewered in a very unhealthy direction. 
Australians need to wake up and find moral, healthy and honest leadership – Australians need to stand together and demand this nation change its current direction.


[1] the US military command in Africa http://www.africom.mil/ 

[2] Fox news report 24th October 2011 http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/special-report/2011/10/25/post-qaddafi-fate-libya

[3] Oct 21st Business Insider http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-10-21/europe/30305263_1_dictators-vladimir-putin-russian-president
 [4] The US military command in Africa
 [5] From the Age – 13th March 2012 - The Age reported today that Victorian-based SAS 4 Squadron has been operating at large in Africa, raising concerns within the military and intelligence community about work that is normally carried out by spies.
 [6] Intelligence from first hand  sources
[7] Statements apparently made by Deputy Director General of Asian Department in Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sun Weidong
 [8] The BRIC is a international arrangement of Brazil, Russia, India and China (and includes other groups)

Written by Mark Greville – for the Australian Movement for Sustained Development 

30th March 2012- for more information contact

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