The world is a stage

“O for a muse of fire that should ascend the brightest heaven of invention; a kingdom for a stage, princes to act and monarchs to behold…”  Henry V -


Invention…. a stage… monarchs and princes…. and this is what we have today


The world is a stage upon which those modern monarchs and modern princes of finance and free trade have at their disposal the very armies of the great nations of our time[1]


This world stage has repeated a similar scene now for over a century; each act bringing with it more bloodshed and more horror than the last


The selfish colonialism on the late 1800’s the poverty and depression of the 1890’s the crises of the early 1900’s and the great war of 1914  - what horror in the trenches, the war of attrition, the mustard gas, the stench of death  

The scene changes, the speculation’ the extravagance of the 1920’s; then frivolousness giving way to the  great depression of the 1930’s and the greater war of 1939 – the concentration camps, the torture and perverted medical experiments, the massive bombing of civilian populations by both sides, and the Coup de grace – the destruction of cities with atomic weapons.




Government, be they Marxist or Capitalists, are not responsible for the deaths of millions, not even tens of millions; they are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of men, women and children last century alone


Then after the horrific war of 1939 to 1945, the financial speculation renewed with a fanaticism allowing a neo-financial colonialism to grow as a monstrosity in the later part of the 20th century. This speculation like the others before it was bound to collapse. Thus, the first phase of the great world depression of the 21st century was upon us 2008 (of which we are now in the second phase)


Now, as prelude of worse things to come. The Iraq war, the Afghan invasion and the so called colour revolutions of the Balkan and previous USSR regions; followed ominously by the Arab Spring and now finally, it seems it is either Syria or Iran; where the final crises point will hurtle us toward another more massive war, more horrific more immoral war than all the others put together




[1] This has occurred because the agendas of  modern political leaders are lobbied, bought and paid for by multinational companies and supported by international finance

There is only one hope; one factor that exist today that did not exist in the turn of the 19th Century nor in the 1930’s … that factor is the general populace have the ability to be politically aware!!!  Through the development of the internet and alternative media -they can know the truth, truth by and large that has been hidden from them in earlier generations… But will that be enough!  Will there be a motivation of the middle class, a new Magna Carta of the 21st Century?  


Man has in his hands decisions to make – decisions that will lead either to a new renaissance or a new dark age. Why do I say that the decision is in his hands? Because the decision will require work. Honest hands in honourable work to repair a world that all can share; or the sad alternative the clandestine work of evil hands that first loots the house and then burns it!


We are at that point – our politicians will not tell us, they are too busy preparing the house to be plundered; our media will not tell us they are in the employ of the plunderer.  In addition, when the plunders work is done then our house will be raised to the ground.


If we are men in which any virtue remains, we have only one choice, we are honour bound to pursue both peace and justice.  We must protect the weak and innocent; we must have the vision to see the nature of things clearly, and use that vision in repairing a world that all can share; and we must succeed!





Our world is in the throws of an economic collapse of a level of magnitude greater than the great depression of the 1930’s. The immoral management and corruption of our international financial system have brought this about. This is no surprise to anyone now. The Euro-zone is about to rupture, it is on the cards that this year US dollar will devalue –


Clearly also western nations are becoming increasing concerned over their own civil populations rebelliousness[1] ; will this also increases the pressure to use war as a means of controlling their civil populations if that pressure becomes too great.


As the financial situation implodes, those who wish to save the financial system will embark upon war - this option will become foremost on the table to divert national population’s attention from the financial collapse and as a means of managing national populations[2]





The US military command may be divided on the decision to undertake a strike on Iran and to further expand the war in central Asia, although considerable assets including aircraft carrier battle groups and possibly ICBM submarine units, together with land based military assets are being deployed about Iran and the Mediterranean.


However, where there is a will there is a way. And one agent provocateur is all that is needed to create a crises that requires a response. The potential is real and ever present.  Crises could be brought about by the Syrian situation, an Israeli attack on Iran or an incursion into Pakistan.  Once the crises occurs the response tends to becomes automatic 




The current US military strategy finds its shape on a military presence extended from Arabia to Central Asia and the Pacific Rim.


The strategic advantage of this position is multiple. Firstly gives the possibility to provide check to any movement of Russian or Chinese forces downwards to the Indian and Pacific Oceans. And secondly it had a certain function in combination with an offensive capacity, in conjunction with facilities to be installed in Poland (and other locations in Europe) and current facilities in Japan it can create a defensive shield against outgoing ICBM’s from Russia and China.


Thus, with a first strike imperative as one consideration of US military strategy, it would appear that this defensive shield could be used as a method of reducing retaliatory strikes, if the US decided on the first strike imperative. 


This option is very apparent to the Russians and Chinese. This is the basis for the Russian President, Medvedev, announcement to deploy Topol-12M mobile nuclear missile as a counter to the Polish missile shield.












As I said above, we are now at that point; both collectively and individually; all of our negligent actions are bringing us on a collision course with reality.


Those experienced in the Hegelian dialect[3] understand reactions can be orchestrated and co-opted to achieve pre-planned results. That is a solution can prepared ready to be rolled out; but this solution allows those who are heavily invested in the current state of affairs, to maintain that investment – the only way to counteract this strategy is to provide ones own clearly thought through, organised and understood options as a solution to the actions or crises that occur.


No doubt, when crises soon occur, solutions will be rolled out for us, solutions that we did not think through, did not design nor research – however because it is expedient many will want to take the solution provided to them – because many have been conditioned to do so, in our component-like consumer society.


However, there are solutions and you should note that these solutions are not discussed in the media or by governance, or if they are mentioned they a rubbished.


We, western nations, in our case Australia, must declare neutrality in the build up to the potentially nuclear war that may ensue. Australia needs to ask the difficult questions, such as to why Afghanistan is the major supplier of heroin; why are the heroin crops not destroyed but permitted to be grown, and why are we part of a system that protects this arrangement. We need to ask through which accounts and through which banks this international drug trade is flowing under the auspices of a “war on terror.”


Australia needs to immediately establish a bank of credit creation and fund massive infrastructure projects to ensure full employment and a real future for Australia’s children.


Australia needs to develop high science driver projects, which will generate further innovation and development – such as more complex space launch capacity, satellite development programs and sensor arrays for astronomic research. 


Australia needs to put processes in place to freeze the derivate debt that will collapse our banks and destroy the savings of Australians and she needs to immediately put legislation in place to protect Australian mortgage holders and famers


Australia needs to revitalize her agricultural industry and support it with massive infrastructure projects – Australia needs solutions to the Murray Darling issue not a destruction of our agricultural capacity


Australia needs to form international projects of developing sheared platforms with other partner nations to ensue we become an agent for prosperity within the Asia-Pacific Rim.


We need to do this and more


The solution is simple – but will our own dispositions prevent us from applying it – Is our delusion is so great that we do not apply the common sense that we need for the benefit of all?


If we are we delude is it because before we were bankrupted financially and economically we first allowed ourselves to be bankrupted morally


Reverse the situation today start investing in the bank of morality – forget the go along to get along, forget the vested interests – know that your words and actions will have, are having an affect and will decide what future lives of others.














Written by Mark Greville – for the Australian Movement for Sustained Development 


22nd  February 2012- for more information contact

The AMSD wishes to Thank Richard Hicks for his valuable assistance to this news release




[1] Consider the occupy movement, the riots in Greece, the riots in England and the various demonstrations across the western world

[2] The current situation in the US with the National Defence Authorization Act 2012 which give power to the US army to police and imprison US citizens and the contacts completed for the managing and staffing of  FEMA detention Camps clearly exemplifies this

[3] Thesis, anti thesis and synthesis  - or political sense  an action is caused to occur, this action cause a reaction, and those were part of the initialling the cause then provide the solution (that they wanted to institute- but could not have instituted if there had been no reaction to the initial action) 

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