We are to a significant point in contemporary world events and these events are moving fast towards a determinable event horizon- what appears at the heart of the issue is man’s inhumanity to man and why he allows this inhumanity to predominate – the tragedy is that it does not need to be so



I run a business have done so since the 1980’s, in 2007 I was becoming increasing concerned over the difficulties of conducting business; the business cycle was contracting, the financial pressures were increasing and the income was diminishing. There clearly was a “race to the bottom feeling”


There appeared no sense to the regulation that was being rolled out within the industry in which I operated; there was an absence of effective governance – it was as though any sense or intelligence had left those at the helm and it did not make sense.


2008 came around and the “Global Financial Crises” was upon us. My concerns now were all the more pressing. I now had to service a debt so great that I was concerned I would fail and could not support all those that relied on me.


I sent letters to the Prime Ministers Office, believing there was something more systemically wrong with the system; it was clear to see the physical economy had being neglected. The Federal Government response[1], at the time under Mr Rudd’s leadership, was concerning to me.


I was dissatisfied with the response and after I returned correspondence[2], I received no reply.


I then doubled my efforts researching economics from a physical perspective, analysed it and compared it to the monetarist perspective. It was clear to identify principles that were not being explored by mainstream economists and government planners; it made no logical sense for these principles to be neglected. I then focused on creating a series of interlocking policies that I believed would address the sliding physical economy.


How could there be such a hiatus in our current thinking, I thought naively, surely our leaders cannot be this stupid. They were not!




I sent letters to a number of our Universities Economics Faculties; some were well aware of the implications of the current financial system while others were extremely specialist demonstrating (what it appeared) lack of appreciation of the economic implications of the collapsing financial system.


However, there appeared an overall obsession with economic thought and systemization rather than practical solutions to present problems. “Systems investment”[3] is always a problem, because people’s reputations hinge on being right.


I created a web site[4] to disseminate information on the dangers of current economic situation and solutions to those dangers.  


It has becoming apparent that globalised finance and globalised corporations, and manipulated media as well as self-seeking Governance are “cooking” the system. The international financial system is designed, through its massive financial leverage, to implode and can do nothing else[5]. A few are position to make a literal killing out of this collapse. 


I tried to become politically active and helped create the Australia Voters Party – however, I was not subtle enough to be an effective political person because I failed in being objective in saying what could see on the horizon.


 I could see that our financial mismanagement was at the heart of our economic collapse, and that our moral disposition was at the heart of our financial mismanagement. Our moral disposition had been eroded by systemized social engineering, and this systemized social engineering had been used as a means for unscrupulous people to manipulate unwitting people for their advantage.  Those that had been doing the manipulation were the ones that planned to make the benefit of the system collapse[6].


As hard as it is to accept, the collapsing world economy was an issue of incompetence at the highest level, coupled with the actions of those who were provided with the opportunities to act for their own benefit without recourse to moral consideration.


Leading up to the great economic collapse one can identify numerous instances where failures occurred, If one is honest in their analysis one would clearly identify where both the lack of morality and competence were two primary human forces at work.




“…Why this so strict and most observant watch


So nightly toils the subject of the land; and why such daily cast of brazen cannon, and foreign mart for implements of war;


Why such impress of shipwrights’, whose sore task does not divide Sunday from the week.


What might be toward, that this sweaty haste doth make the night joint laboured with the day who is that can inform me?..”[7]


Through the character of Marcellus, in Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, William Shakespeare was describing a time when Demark was preparing for a war with Norway. When a nation prepares for war there is a build up, an arms procurement and increase in spending of the nations “defence” forces[8] – this has been underway for some time now. In the perception of some, war is an alterative to collapse if that war can reassert the status quo and thus maintaining power where it currently resides




Why collapse the system?  Because collapsing the system can allow a centralisation of power if the strategy is right!  Currently the systems power resides (for the immediate time being) in the issue of money, because money currently is the source of power.  


Those that have a sole desire for power to gain total control over systems are amoral agents; that is persons without a moral compass.  Such people have decided that there is no “right or wrong” only that their own self interests and ambition must predominate– to them right and wrong, good and evil do not exist; they care little if people starve, are left destitute, or nations and regions devastate each other in war.


If one were to put a psychiatric definition upon this type of people they would be termed sociopaths; a common term most people would use is evil. Their interest is exclusively self-interest, at any cost, and they believe any lie can be told in the name of ambition.







Every man in life has decisions to make, those decisions will affect him, his wife, his family and all that rely on him. The prerogative is to make moral decision, a right decision. Many times in our life, we make mistakes we fail, we act immorally, we show weakness, and I am no exception. However, there is a point where we have to change, because our individual poor decision or lack of making correct decisions has a trickle effect within our communities, regions and nations. It is not just our leaders that are responsible for our mess. We are all collectively part of the problem – thus, in some positive sense; we can be part of the solution.


We are now at that point; both collectively and individually; where all of our negligent actions are bringing us on a collision course with reality.





Australia has a history of being a Christian nation, not a secular nation where a particular Christian Church rules the nation, but rather where the principles of Christianity prevail in the nation – the principles such as love, charity, freedom, justice, patience and the seeking of truth. Many of these principles are enshrouded in our common law.


As a nation these principles are being discarded and the epitome of true Christianity, love and self-sacrifice is been replaced by selfishness and greed.


The largest and most powerful nation that the world has ever known is the United States of America. Although the claim “In God we Trust”, is affixed to her currency, the US has demonstrated by her actions, steadily over the last century, the characteristics of a an atheist or amoral nation




Carl Jung, a psychologist and initially a student of Sigmund Freud, developed a system of therapy called analytical psychology.  Further, Jung defined the term collective unconsciousness as an unconscious infiltration of certain common experiences within a culture than are found in individuals that are part of that culture.




A Judea-Christian culture is the fertile soil for the collective unconsciousness of much of the western nations; particularly Anglo-Americans and Anglo-Australians. This collective unconsciousness has been the warehouse from which our various national cultures draw upon for their values, customs and traditions.  


Within the Judea-Christian culture is the story of Abraham and the blessing Abraham passed on to his twelve sons – the twelve tribes of Israel.[9]


Judea-Christian culture tells us that Israel, collectively, had been given rules to abide by. As a result of following these rules, blessings would flow to the nation of Israel[10] and her progeny. Neglected and curses would result. From our study of biblical history, Israel departed from the rules it was obliged to follow. After some time the kingdom of Israel was split, with more than one invasion taking massive sections of Israel’s people from the “land of Canaan”[11]   – eventually ten tribes were lost in time[12] and scattered amongst the nations, consciously losing their common language and customs.


The blessing and curses that were presented to the historic Israel a long, long time ago reside in the collective unconsciousness of those derived from the nation of Israel, mainly through a Judaeo-Christian education and heritage.


In the collective unconsciousness sits the repositories of various ideas; such that the posterity of the nation (the blessings) were attributed to the following the various rules – but if the commandments and rules were not adhered to then the lands would not prosper, their men would be cowardly and self obsessed and eventually their lands would fall to destruction and enslavement. – some of the practices that ancient Israel was warned against were applying usury to its people (i.e. lending in a predatory fashion), have two sets of measures in business (i.e. tricking people in commercial activities) distressing the window, orphan and stranger in the land (i.e. taking advantage of those who can’t protect themselves) not allowing a moratorium of all debts after the passing of a certain point of time (the historic Jubilee periods of ancient Israel) so that lending was not an “industryin perpetually but a process to help those in some specific need.





Mans mind is like the tip of an iceberg – much is submerged in the form of unconsciousness. That which is in our unconsciousness is eventually bound to have significant bearing on what we do, what we choose and many other subtle issues. A man unconsciously knowing that his direction should be a certain way, and consciously acts contrary to that is creating the potential for significant consequences.


It is hard to escape a morality that is within our collective unconsciousness and further one may ask what type of person wishes to escape the responsibility of morality?  These are deep questions, but suffice to say, what we do and why we do what we do, are not simple processes.




Our world is in the throws of an economic collapse of a level of magnitude greater than the great depression of the 1930’s. The immoral management and corruption of our international financial system have brought this about. This is no surprise to anyone now. The Euro-zone is about to rupture, it is on the cards that this year US dollar will devalue – perhaps unless something like a war of  greater magnitude of the 1939-1945 war intervenes and this is nothing to wish for!


Recently, as you know, there have been destabilisations within North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. They are intentional and have multiple uses – one being to forestall financial hegemony of the US dollar[13]; another to provide a destabilization aimed primarily at China and secondarily at Russia and another to instigate a crises or war within Central Asia, which will encompass both China and Russia


Clearly also western nations are becoming increasing concerned over their own civil populations rebelliousness[14] ; will this also increases the pressure to use war as a means of controlling their civil populations?




Thus, those that have the most to gain and who are the most amoral will push towards a war that they think will consolidate their power and money. Is It possible that China and Russia have not been taken into adequately into the collapse equation? Consider the recently stiffening of the Syria issue in the UN by China and Russia.


It appears that many in the US military command may be becoming reticent to proceed done the path of war. However, there are many agent provocateurs[15] that can be brought in to expedite the process, such as US forces being placed in a position where they will be attacked and then having “no option” but retaliate.


Ultimately, however, evil has a way of destroying itself, thus the end will not be pleasant for even the foolish who think they are immune. Further, if this path to war is chosen many innocent people will suffer.





As I said above, we are now at that point; both collectively and individually; all of our negligent actions are bringing us on a collision course with reality.


However, those experienced in the Hegelian dialect[16] understand reactions can be orchestrated and co-opted to achieve pre-planned results. That is a solution can be prepared and ready to be rolled out; but such a solution would allow those who are heavily invested in the current state of affairs, to maintain that investment – the only way to counteract this strategy is to provide ones own clearly thought through, organised and understood options as a solution to the actions or crises that occur.


No doubt, when crises soon occur, solutions will be rolled out for us, solutions that we did not think through, did not design nor research – however because it is expedient many will want to take the solution provided to them – because many have been conditioned to do so, in our component-like consumer society.


However, you have been told there are other solutions; you should note that these solutions are not discussed in the media or by governance, or if they are mentioned they a rubbished.


We, western nations, in our case Australia, must declare neutrality in the build up to the potentially nuclear war that may ensue. Australia needs to ask the difficult questions, such as to why Afghanistan is the major supplier of heroin; and why are those heroin crops not destroyed but permitted to be grown, and why are we part of a system that protects this arrangement. We also need to ask through which accounts and through which banks this international drug trade is flowing under the auspices of a “war on terror.”


Australia needs to immediately establish a bank of credit creation and fund massive infrastructure projects to ensure full employment and a real future for Australia’s children.


Australia needs to develop high science driver projects, which will generate further innovation and development – such as more complex space launch capacity, satellite development programs and sensor arrays for astronomic research. 


Australia needs to put processes in place to freeze the derivate debt that will collapse our banks and destroy the savings of Australians and she needs to immediately put legislation in place to protect Australian mortgage holders and famers


Australia needs to revitalise her agricultural industry and support it with massive infrastructure projects – Australia needs solutions to the Murray Darling issue not a destruction of our agricultural capacity


Australia needs to form international projects of developing shared platforms with other partner nations to ensue we become an agent for prosperity within the Asia-Pacific Rim.


We need to do this and more


The solution is simple – but will our own dispositions prevent us from applying it – Is our delusion is so great that we do not apply the common sense that we need for the benefit of all?


If we are we delude is it because before we were bankrupted financially and economically we first allowed ourselves to be bankrupted morally


Reverse the situation today start investing in the bank of morality – forget the go along to get along, forget the vested interests – know that your words and actions will have, and are having an affect and will affect the future lives of others.


Written by Mark Greville – for the Australian Movement for Sustained Development 


5th February 2012- for more information contact



The AMSD wishes to Thank Richard Hicks for his valuable assistance to this news release



[1] See attached correspondence office of the Treasurer

[2] See attached Response to office of Treasurer


[3] “Systems Investment” is where people who develop, support, teach or in any other way “invest’ is a system and as such are more involved in the systems survival than determining the truth of the situation. The more investment involved the more reticent to change – Many reputations can be destroyed when what was the “truth” becomes a false construction

[5] Many will argue that there is no controlling factor  and that process simply occur and no one can or does control the processes of massive systems such as economies or geopolitics – not so;  we study complex processes to learn how to control and not to sit by as powerless witnesses

[6] Opportunist simply take advantage of a situation, a strategist will bring about that situation 


[7] Marcellus – Hamlet, Prince of Denmark  by William Shakespeare


[8] This is termed the development for serge capacity

[9] The Jewish people are derived from the tribe of Judah – one of the twelve tribes – the twelve tribes were Ruben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulon, Joseph ( Ephraim & Manasseh) and Benjamin 

[10] Here we are not talking about the Nation of Israel today – we are talking of the Historic Israel

[11] A land area, including modern day Israel, Jordan and Palestine and parts of Syria and Lebanon

[12] Some content that the remnants of the lost tribes became mixed within the European and Anglo-Celtic peoples – in the early history of Europe there was a great movement of the national groups where some groups were conquered by others, some migrated and others were “lost” in time.  Similarly some contemporary  palaeontologists suggest that Neanderthal man was interbred and mixed with Homo-sapiens rather than being eradicated by them

[13] Through the manipulation of the US Petro-dollar, first causing a massive rise in the international  price of oil and then uncapping of the massive reserves in Alaska and the US to capitalise on those prices


[14] Consider the occupy movement, the riots in Greece, the riots in England and the various demonstrations across the western world

[15] Those that will incite an act to occur

[16] Thesis, anti thesis and synthesis  - or political sense  an action is caused to occur, this action cause a reaction, and those were part of the initialling the cause then provide the solution (that they wanted to institute- but could not have instituted if there had been no reaction to the initial action) 

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