In the 90’s while Japan was limited in space she had abundant capital. It was natural that those of its capital entrepreneurial class (1)  would take any opportunities that were open to them- and thus they bought up Australian property in various regions. While in the last decade the same situation arouse with China- and the Chinese bought up Australian Rural and mining regions.  The nature of those exogenous entrepreneurial processes (2) – be it Chinese, Japanese or Australian should be predictable by any with a modicum of understanding and is not a particular problem; however it is the Australian Government response that has been a problem; a short sighted myopic response- the effect on a region’s communities, resulting from loss of control of rural and mining land, should be the primary concern of any government (3)


Consider the example of the expansion of Australian entrepreneurs into places like Indonesia by Elders [4]with the construction of abattoirs in that country. Capital entrepreneurs will always do what’s in the best interest of their shareholders[5]


Therefore we must take a step back before we berate Japan, China or any other nation first learn what has caused the problem, and address that. For those who can’t see the hand of rampant globalization, crony capitalism and international financial leverage as central to the issue there is no hope and if these continue to run the helm of our nation, we are doomed.




Unfortunately, we are going to see rhetoric of accusation against China in the immediate future- is it a prologue to something more ominous; conflict may well be the ultimate destination, unless real statesman and national leaders in our western nations rise up and replace the current incumbents who are demonstrating themselves as lackeys of crony capitalism, through the committing impeachable offences to their own citizenry. These new statesmen and national leaders will have to know the skills of revitalizing their respective nation’s physical economies and become expert in the process of national credit creation; side stepping the hopelessly corrupted international financial system which is in a state of collapse




But what does our own current government do? It lays plans to destroy the agricultural capacity of the Murray/Darling. It sells of its national infrastructure; it buys into a “war on terror” designed for economic purposes – it does this and much more when it could simply admit its mistakes and act truly on behalf of its people.   


The empty words and empty promises


Think not there are consequences of today?

Think not the world records your speeches as posterity’s needs?


If so, there would be no delay

In the pleading of acquittal of all your deeds!


But no, we watch and as the world unravels

And yet more tightly do you try to coil the laws as festering dressings to a wound


And as mindless as a cloud in its travels 

Do you form the speeches of tomorrow that further seals our doom




The fear and the masses on Australia Day


When will the giant awake from its slumber, why does it sleep so still?


Must painful consciousness startle it from its dream?


Or shall the nightmare that it discovers be too hard to bear and shatter its will?


Better go back to sleep poor giant, for the courage that you once may have had seems to have deserted you.


Alas, for a giant that can easily break its chains, a nightmare’s fear becomes the sleeping pill.


Jan 26th 2012      







Written by Mark Greville – for the Australian Movement for Sustained Development- January 26th 2012 - for more information contact

[1] Those entrepreneurs that have access to significant capital and can utilize great leverage over legislators


[2] Incursions of foreign ownership of a Nations assets


[3] Our governments concern in the past certainly was not to protect our regions from wholesale purchase – our government did not protect our lands because it was either incompetent or corrupt -  that decision could be arrived at through an investigation of the facts


[4]  A public company  listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, actively involved in Agricultural services , Real Estate services and  Financial Services 

[5] Among the 20 largest share holders of Elders are Citibank, Merrill Lynch,  HSBC and JP Morgan


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