Does a worst case scenario now exist?

Be aware, a severe risk is now facing our collective societies.  Without correct action, without decisiveness, chaos will result. A new paradigm must provide a sustainable answer to our current situation otherwise from 2010 to 2020 the world as we know it will collapse. As the world collapses its population will also collapse.


The cause of this collapse is a serious fault in the economic, social and political management of the last five decades of the 20th century.  However, this faulty management has in turn resulted from the growing immorality and anti-human resolve embedded in our deeply in our human psyche (1).  The process has been warned by many “voices in the wilderness”. We may be now in the commencement of the final phase. The prelude to this phase is financial/economic crises followed by currency wars and finally trade wars. This harbinger precedes the beginnings of military alliances and the real and present potential for military conflict.


There is no doubt, if a collapse manifests it may remove many of the technological advances and much basic human support that many in the western world have become used to.


What is upon us?  

  • Positive world population pressure coupled with negative infrastructure programs.
  • Divisive  programs to limit world food supply, such as the sponsorship of bio-fuels and investment in “carbon sinks” removing potential farm land from use
  • The artificial creation of fuel shortages (petroleum) to support dollar leverage and the focusing on subsidized “green” energy, a retardant to economic development and the avoidance of new technology development for nuclear and other sources
  • The collapse of a world financial system, resulting from immorality and corruption in its management and process
  • The lining-up up of protagonists for the first great war of the 21sdt Century; a line-up focused on financial and economic agendas

There is a real potential for resources shortages and food price inflation to devastate urban centres and threaten the fabric of many existing communities, and creating either the seeds for mass strike phenomenon or revolution.  Tunisia, Egypt and Libya are current examples of this (2).


The speed of the collapse will depend on the resilience of nations and the moral and social resolve of their peoples; the initial point of collapse will be at the weakest and most precarious link- both financially and geo-politically. Again look the nations that are currently experiencing spontaneous up-rising.(3)

How will Governments respond?

Governments may initially respond with centralised control programs of their civil populations.(4) However there exists an underlying insolvency of the governments and many are at risk of national debts defaults which will exacerbate the problem, especially if US a national debt default occurs.(5)


There is, however, a growing lack of support from active portions the population base for the policies of their respective governments; this is underpinned by the general mood of average citizens and this raises the question of the success of concerted government programs. This has been indicated in hung parliaments internationally and the general distrust of government as a tool of the powerful. The result of this may indeed increase the systems break down. When the breakdown passes a tipping point true economic and financial collapse will be apparent even to the blind.


In the face of impending financial/economic collapse, geo-political collapse is highly likely to occur and war as a panacea to solve the economic and social woes of our collective predicament will become attractive to many in the economic/financial drivers seat.


There is a possibility that political/economic deterioration may lead to a limited nuclear war in the northern hemisphere; such compounding effects would be terrifying. The main concern here is the use of tactical  nuclear weapons.(6) by smaller nations who possess such weapons, for example Israel or Pakistan; the pressure to use such weapons may result from incursions or attacks against their sovereignty. (7) Sense must prevail now as “… Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam; drop the matter before a dispute breaks out…”(8)


We are concerned about “boat people” now; in the light of such a catastrophe to our north, refugees would arrive by the container load! Would Australia have the moral fiber to offer protection to these people?


If disaster hit our shores[9]; rather than our population swell from masses of refugees, they may sink to 6-8 million. While an international catastrophe of a similar nature may cause depopulation to the 1.8 - 2.0 billion mark.(9)


In determining the calculations one cannot ignore the current pressure, with the United States heading towards economic and social destabilization. If this pressure is not alleviated this may result in

  • The splitting of the United States into a number of regions(11)
  • The United States maintain its internal cohesion militarily (12)
  • The United States may remove its self as the worlds police man and bring troops back to its own soil(13)

In any case, a collapse of that nation would immediately herald an economic and social collapse in our own nation under the current economic/political regime. Needless to say a collapse of the United States of America as a world power would create an immediate power vacuum.


This vacuum may see China(14) exert her sphere of influence unopposed or see possible friction between Japan and China (15), or alternatively increase tension between India and China.(16) A number of scenarios exist here.



Also it is essential to appreciate that a collapse of the United States of America would see a shift in the balance of power in the Middle East with a number of possible outcomes.


Currently in the US there is pressure for the other NATO nations rather than the US to enforce a no-fly zone in Libya; already it is becoming a foregone conclusion for the no-fly zone to be instituted.  However, likewise the pressure of mass strike phenomenon or revolution is now bearing on the Kingdom of Saudi and there is an expression of real concern in some spheres of Saudi Government that a no-fly zone in Libya to-day may mean a no-fly zone in Saudi tomorrow, if the mass strike phenomenon or revolution causes a significant change in the country; change enough to cause an unsatisfactory government reaction in terms of western perception.


In the face of an economic and social collapse United States may maintain itself militarily, even resulting in regime change within the United States or significant influence upon the current regime. That regime may exhibit even more militaristic tendencies.


This may see the United States move decisively militarily in the Middle East if the mass strike phenomenon or regional revolutions significantly put at risk US interests(17); especially if financial/economic and resource issues are deemed solvable through military action.


In the face of these any many other possible deterioration a number of initial observable effects would manifest in otherwise stable communities

  • Law or criminality increases - It is highly probable that effective and just legal systems and their policing will become early causalities of the breakdown. Instability of communities may result in high criminal activity.
  • Infrastructure breakdown - As government coffers diminish, spending on sustaining infrastructure will cease, let alone spending projected infrastructure. Water supply, sewage, waste removal, transport support and power may be affected.
  • Food shortages – The shortage of food from supplies to local communities, possibly followed by food rationing and then absolute shortages in various lines.
  • Specialised commodity shortages - the relative and then absolute shortage in commodities that currently are produced overseas and not produced in this country.
  • Public Health and Sanitation breakdowns - The breakdown of the public health system resulting in an increase in mortality and a decrease in general health and the failure of sanitation resulting in disease epidemics via various vectors and unchecked by a failing public health system.
  • Bartering systems or precious commodity exchanges replacing devalued national currencies – Failed bailout strategies will be replaced by hyperinflation causing currency to be ineffective as a means of exchange.

Population migration from refugee migration from South East Asia and Near Eastern War Centres (on the postulate that a conventional war or a limited nuclear exchange may occur in the following areas – Western China, North Easter India, Pakistan, Central Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Syria and or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) – placing increased pressure on local law and order, infrastructure, food and commodity shortages.


The resultant crop failures from global temperature alteration coupled to lack of food stockpiles will determine which populations will immediately succumb to starvation. This will have a direct bearing on population migration.


Changes of national sanitation and elimination of world health programs would allow epidemic type diseases to re-establish themselves with disastrous effects.


Establishing a timeline – predicting the collapse and possible consequence would initially be determined on the following

  • The stability of the United States of America as an economic power.
  • The success of collective United States and World economic policy to deal with the current economic collapse.
  • The maintenance of international political stability.
  • The commitment to save and protect the populations of local regions in underdeveloped and developing nations.

The failure of any of these would accelerate the collapse and impeding deleterious consequences. However the reverse is also true. If the United States attains stability, if United States and World economic policy successfully averts current economic collapse, if the effective maintenance of international political stability is achieved and the world powers make a commitment to save and protect the populations of sovereign regions in underdeveloped and developing nations, then collapse can be averted.


Proverbs 19:20 “Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise”

Morality and the development of moral conduct is the essential counter poise to decadence and moral waste land that the western world as inherited from the contributions of  60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s

There are numerous suggestions that subversion and abduction of the tendency to mass strike and revolution to support hidden geo-political agendas.  Such agendas being used to sequest the tendency to mass strike/revolution for the strategic purposes of global powers and/or institutions that would fare badly if the process was organic

The US is not immune to this process current (9th March 2011) in Wisconsin a “mass strike” phenomenon   has occurred over the attempt of the incumbent Governor, Scott Walker, to end the traditional of collective bargaining and reduce most public sector wages in that State.

A contemporary example of this is the creation of the 10 FEMA areas to control the US States in the event of a emergency, terrorism, civil unrest etc  ( )

5 House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner on Sunday 30th Jan 2011, said that the United States must continue meeting its obligations to fund government debt or risk a global financial disaster

Small yield nuclear weapons that are designed for battlefields rather than used strategically against an enemy’s population or productive regions

This potential can increasing be seen resulting from the incursions of US forces and “extra judiciary killings” from Afghanistan unto Pakistani soil 

Proverbs (of King Solomon) 17:14 – its seems however in to-days political environment the wiser the solution the less likely its use

A non-containment of nuclear exchanges to the tactical level

10 This depopulation is based on a model of the societal collapse of the “later dark ages”  late 1340’s to early 1350’s where Europe was depopulated by about 60% - a conservative figure if even a small amount of strategic nuclear weapons are used.

11A doctrine purported by a Russian academic Igor Panarin

12 Agreements have been made between Mexico, the US and Canada to use each others military forces in situations of civilian unrest; the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 was rescinded in 2006 under President George W Bush,  allowing the US to use its military to police civil populations –

13 Congressman Ron Paul may well hold this opinion and if elected US President in the 2012 Presidential campaign may well bring US troops back to US soil- to Mr Paul’s credit he states it is his intention to abolish the US Federal Reserve and the institution of a Hamiltonian Bank for the “utterance of national credit” would be an essential in alleviating the tremendous pressure facing the western world.

14 In a speech to the US Congress 10th March 2011, the Australian Prime Minister said… “We encourage China to engage as a good global citizen and we are clear-eyed about where differences do lie”… In the Department of Defence White Paper of 2009 Joel Fitzgibbon, Minister for Defence states “….The biggest changes to our outlook over the period have been the rise of China, the emergence of India and the beginning of the end of the so called uni-polar movement; the almost two decade long period in which the pre-eminence of our principal ally, the United States, was without question…”

15 Typified by the ongoing disagreements between over the Kuril islands, rich is natural gas and oil… as recent as 10th March 2011 Japan’s top government spokesman on voiced strong regret over China’s reported unilateral start of development in a disputed gas field in the East China Sea. 

16 The recent signing of a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between India and Japan will soon make each country the other’s largest trading partner. India has for some time been alarmed by China’s military links with Pakistan and its growing presence in the Indian Ocean. (from the Huffington Post 9th March 2011)

17 One must differential US interests from Globalist interests; it appears however Globalists interests have hijacked the US

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