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Australia is at Risk

February 20th, 2011

What needs to be done-?  
Immediate legislation passed and ready to be implemented that will  prevent the banks from closing, cutting their service and running; preventing them from manipulating their massive derivative debt to consume any legitimate liquid assets (general deposits) from evaporating.  Immediate moratorium (with conditions) on first home owners mortgages, small business loans [...]

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What’s in store for North African region – Study the pathology of crises to identify the correct treatment for the disease

February 13th, 2011

On 12th January 2011 riots occurred in Tunisia. The trigger of the riots was the attempted suicide of a 26 year old vendor, arrested by Tunisian police for selling farm produce. On 25th of January riots occurred in Egypt. The trigger of these riots appeared to be the coinciding “success” of the Tunisian riots coupled [...]

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