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The Economic imperative and the Physical Economy

August 31st, 2009

When filling a jar to its maximum, with different sizes of stones and sand, what do you put in first? Of course you know the answer because you can reason. You would be surprised to find that many people cannot reason, so they would be embarrassed to answer the question. (And some of those who [...]

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What would the real “Green Shoots” look like?

August 25th, 2009

No doubt we live in very interesting times. Geopolitically, socially and economically there have been enormous changes over the last decade.
Geopolitically we have navigated steadily towards a globalised political order with financial organisations and corporations linking the globe, and in many cases over shadowing the political systems over which they straddle.  Governments giving up their [...]

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Does Australia really need a Cap and Trade scheme under the current international economic environment?

August 19th, 2009

The current US Administration is under considerable challenge.  There is evidence to suggest that the US Government was intimately aware of the pressures that its economy was to face in October 2008. Its House of Representatives may have been made aware of this in detail as early as February 2008. However the economic policy that [...]

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What is Australia’s answer to the next upcoming economic crises

August 17th, 2009

The next economic crisis has been in the making for some time. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric; apparently the International Monetary Fund predicts that Australia will have a negative 0.5 per cent growth this year, 1.5 per cent in 2010 and 2.8 per cent in 2011. However those predictions are made in [...]

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