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People are easily tricked because it is hard for many not see the truth from illusion. This new world paradigm has steadily been developing without the average person being aware


As people become aware a massive pressure against non transparent government is developing; it is becoming an emotional force because people essentially feel their trust has been broken


An immoral and bankrupt financial system is at the heart of the issue; this system is pushing the world towards a war, and as such   war can break out in a number of places either through planned strategy or through miscalculation.


We appear to be at the last point to change our direction. A healthy direction will occur if individually and collectively we change our point of view and desire co prosperity and peace

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1st September


we are at a critical point is the Syrian issue –  with the US President saying that he will take the issue of a strike against Syria before congress for approval signifies a  change in policy by that administration.


With the UK parliament voting against a strike on Syria against The UK Prime Minister advocating such a strike is significant –


A turn of tide in popular opinion is driving politics – make no mistake this is a dangerous time. 

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A Critical Point in World Affairs is Approaching

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We are now at the very critical point in world affairs. This is demonstrated by the increasing pressure for direct NATO, US and UK intervention in the war in Syria, which in all probability will spill into Iran and continue to engulf more nations.


At the same time we are seeing increasing degradation of the broad base of the US economy. There is clear and present evidence that indicates the extreme danger that exists internally within that nation. It is important to understand that if the US goes into a spiraling meltdown (both economic & social) the effects on Australians and Australia’s strategic position will be more than significant.

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There is a strong possibility that future history may record that a global world war commenced with the destabilization of Syria.  The Syrian conflict is now poised to engulf both Turkey and Israel.  Of course that will depend on a number of factors, notwithstanding the immediate intentions of the US military, NATO, Russia, Iran and China as well as the rate of an unprecedented collapse of the world financial system; but more importantly the response of civil populations to the malfeasance of their respective governments, as agent provocateurs for globalization. Upon this canvas Australia is now significantly in the mix of holding a seat on the UN Security Council.

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Diversity is a characteristic that helps to ensure survival.  This is why nature invests heavily in diversity.

The biosphere demonstrates immense diversity; and through this bio-diversity nature appears to solve problems differently in different parts of the biosphere. Naturally, science capitalizes on natures solutions to apply nature’s secrets to new and emerging technologies    

During times of agricultural blight entire national crops have been saved through the introduction of foreign variants of the particular crop that had a natural resistance to the crop blight; thus survival was achieved because of the existence of diversity.

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In the about year 625-7 BC the prophet Jeremiah stood up and spoke to the people of Judah  (the northern Israel kingdom) and warned the people of impending doom, in the form of a Babylonian invasions and capture of people of Judah, dispossession of their lands and a forced deportation to Babylon; of course the people didn’t listen and the rest is history.

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A Focus on China

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 [1] AFRICOM is the acronym for the US African command. All commands have agendas and strategic objectives, naturally these strategic objectives would be expected to be in the interests of the nations those militaries represent.  However, one must determine when military strategic agendas are being switched from the protection of national interests to the support of international financial agendas. 
No doubt, there appears a pressure through the auspices of AFRICOM to exclude the interests of China from Africa. As you may know, over the last 10 years China has made extensive investment in Africa.

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The world is a stage

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“O for a muse of fire that should ascend the brightest heaven of invention; a kingdom for a stage, princes to act and monarchs to behold…”  Henry V -


Invention…. a stage… monarchs and princes…. and this is what we have today


The world is a stage upon which those modern monarchs and modern princes of finance and free trade have at their disposal the very armies of the great nations of our time[1]


This world stage has repeated a similar scene now for over a century; each act bringing with it more bloodshed and more horror than the last

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We are to a significant point in contemporary world events and these events are moving fast towards a determinable event horizon- what appears at the heart of the issue is man’s inhumanity to man and why he allows this inhumanity to predominate – the tragedy is that it does not need to be so



I run a business have done so since the 1980’s, in 2007 I was becoming increasing concerned over the difficulties of conducting business; the business cycle was contracting, the financial pressures were increasing and the income was diminishing. There clearly was a “race to the bottom feeling”


There appeared no sense to the regulation that was being rolled out within the industry in which I operated; there was an absence of effective governance – it was as though any sense or intelligence had left those at the helm and it did not make sense.

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In the 90’s while Japan was limited in space she had abundant capital. It was natural that those of its capital entrepreneurial class (1)  would take any opportunities that were open to them- and thus they bought up Australian property in various regions. While in the last decade the same situation arouse with China- and the Chinese bought up Australian Rural and mining regions.  The nature of those exogenous entrepreneurial processes (2) – be it Chinese, Japanese or Australian should be predictable by any with a modicum of understanding and is not a particular problem; however it is the Australian Government response that has been a problem; a short sighted myopic response- the effect on a region’s communities, resulting from loss of control of rural and mining land, should be the primary concern of any government (3)

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